New Malibu Lounge and Flora-Bama announce the 2017 Mickey Newbury Gathering

The New Malibu Lounge in Warrington, Fla., and the Flora-Bama Lounge on Perdido Key, Fla., in conjunction with the Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival will be hosting the Mickey Newbury Gathering from Thursday, May 18th through Sunday, May 21st, 2017. As many people know, Mickey was a great friend of, and performed many times at the FBISF. After his passing in 2002, a number of fans decided to have an annual “gathering” to honor Mickey and his music. Originally staged in this area, the gathering moved to Texas for several years. 2016 saw the return of the event to the Pensacola area and with it the arrival of Mickey’s fans as well as musicians from all over the USA.

Inducted into the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame in 1980, Mickey Newbury’s songs have been covered by hundreds of artists. Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers & The First Edition, Andy Williams and Eddy Arnold all had hits with Mickey Newbury’s work.  Over a 35 year period Mickey recorded 25 albums to critical acclaim and many fellow songwriters declared Mickey the best of the best.

Great friends of FBISF and Mickey, Barbara and Felix Manion from Baird, Texas will be participating in the event. They will be bringing their “BBQ trailer” preparing delicious food on certain days at both locations. This will be in addition to the existing menus at the New Malibu as well as the Flora-Bama.

An added attraction to the event will be special time set aside dedicated to the music of other members of the FBISF songwriter family who are no longer with us. Attendees will be treated to the sounds of the songs of Wayne Carson, Hank Cochran, Mike Fincher, Larry Henley, Red Lane, Rusty McHugh, Jody Payne, Freddy Powers, Larry Jon Wilson and others.

Plans are for music and events to take place at the New Malibu Lounge (1000 Gulf Beach Highway) and at the Flora-Bama.


Wednesday May 17th - New Malibu
Welcome/Meet & Greet
Open Mic with Cliff Collier, Ricky Whitley &
Brian Collins
All performers welcome.

Thursday May 18th - New Malibu
6-7pm - Dave Meadows, Tim O'Donovan
7-7:30pm - Ken Lambert
7:30-8:30pm - Karen & Don McNatt
8:30-9pm - Gail & Larry Book
9pm - Clinton Gregory, Troy Martin, Gerald Smith,
John Fountain

Friday May 19th - New Malibu
6-7pm - Lynn Langham & Doug Gill
7-8pm - Rusty Budde, Nick Branch, Neil Dover
8-9pm - Rock Killough, Darell Roberts, Mac Walters
9pm - Larry T. Wilson, Dave McCormick, Alan Rhody

Saturday May 20th
Flora-Bama Main Room
A Tribute to All Our Heroes
(Hosted by Rusty Budde)
Special Guest Performers:
Gail & Larry Book, Nick Branch,Rusty Budde,
Christina Christian, Neil Dover,
Clinton Gregory, Bobby Keel, Sandra Laird,
Chris Newbury, Gerald Smith, Jon Mark Stone,
Mac Walters

Saturday May 20th - New Malibu 
7-8pm - Brian Collins, Sandra Laird
8-9pm - Ed Beaver, Bobby Keel, Jon Mark Stone
9pm - Dave Caluger, James Daniel,
T. Bone Montgomery, Mark Sherrill

Sunday May 21st - New Malibu
Come for Brunch
1pm - Closing Show
Chis Newbury, Jon Mark Stone








NOVEMBER 9-19, 2017


The 33rd annual Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival will feature more than 200 nationally acclaimed songwriters in venues along the Florida / Alabama Gulf Coast from November 9-19, 2017.  The festival is an opportunity for seasoned and aspiring songwriters and musicians from all over the world to have their songs heard, and for the public to learn the stories behind the lyrics that only the song’s author can express.  During this exciting 11 day festival, performers will be hosted in 30 venues from Downtown Pensacola and Perdido Key, Florida, into Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, Bon Secour and Silverhill, Alabama.   


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Who was Frank Brown?

 The festival is dedicated to the late Frank Brown, who was night watchman at the Flora~Bama for 28 years, and whose moral values, integrity and strength of character still endure. Mr. Frank, as he was known by all, (was 91 years old when he retired) was featured on Paul Harvey's syndicated radio show, "The Rest of the Story."



At the club, Mr. Frank wore a pair of matched revolvers, slung low, but he didn't have to use them. Usually it was enough to say, "Now, you boys don't have to be like that. What would yo' mamma say?" All the regulars knew and respected him. He was as much a part of the Bama as the sunrise was a part of the night. He didn't worry too much about material things. He thought: success is when a man gets what he wants; happiness is when a man wants what he's got. He was in his glory, just staying around listening to the music.

He was the last person the performers saw at closing time. Mr. Frank was 93 years old when he passed away in 1988, and he left a legacy that we can all share. Some say his spirit still lives on in the celebration of the music. He still lives on today in the memories of those who were fortunate enough to have known him. It is those fond memories that drive all of us that are involved in the festival to ensure that it continues year after year. The atmosphere here just seems to inspire collaboration and inspiration. A lot of the songwriters are not household names, but their songs are. It is impossible to list or describe the songwriters, musicians and performers that participate in this festival. It's a living museum, that's what it is."