Wilson Brothers Band (Chad Wilson, Kyle Wilson)

The Wilson Brothers Band brand of music can’t really be summed up in a word or two. Of course they are “country”, but also a lot of other things too. One listen to their new single “It All Looks Good From Here” makes it evident that Chad and Kyle embrace the country, front porch sitting, hand me down truck, all around simple kind of living. But that doesn’t define them completely or place them in any kind of mold. The music these brothers make together is nothing close to simple.  From strong vocals, sibling harmonies, and their individual talents, The Wilson Brothers Band has a voicing all of their own and a positive message to spread with the rest of the world. Their music has been streamed by the millions and their debut self-titled album “Wilson Brothers Band” can be found on any musical platform (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, etc).  They can currently be found touring with artists such as Corey Smith, Jack Ingram, and Clint Black along with headlining their own shows.



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