Whaley, Rick

Rick WhaleyRick Whaley is known as an accomplished rhythm guitarist & a strong Vocalist. He has performed throughout the country and overseas during his career and now resides on the coast of North West Florida playing his music with some of the most talented entertainers in the area. Originally from the shores of New Jersey, Rick later moved to New York & North Jersey playing his music & furthering his education in college and on stage. In 1985 he moved to Nashville. There, he had the good fortune of consistently working both on stage & in the studio as a guitarist, bassist & demo singer, as well as polishing his writing skills. In 1989, Rick was introduced to the Perdido Key area and began playing and singing there. After going back and forth from Nashville and the Gulf Coast, the decision was made to permanently move to the beach. Rick performs with his group, “The Perdido Brothers” often at Flora-Bama Lounge & Package on the FL/AL Gulf Coast with band members Jon Cook , Robbie Flemming and Jose Santiago. Rick also, often shares the stage with Tommy Mazzullo, and several other local musicians on the Key. For more information about Rick, his music and performance schedule please visit his website: www.rickwhaley.com


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