Tobin, Bob

bob-tobin-fbisfHi, My name is Bob Tobin. I was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1941. Moved to Mt. Pleasant, just across the bridge, in 1947 where I began my education. I’ve spent most of my life on the salt waters of this world having sport fished, commercially fished, four years in the US Coast Guard, tugboat captain, and finally becoming a marine contractor for twenty five years building docks and anything else pertaining to the water.

My life has been a roller coaster ride like many people, many lows but some great highs. Through it all, music has been a saving grace. I first performed when I was five and wrote my first song in 1959, age eighteen. I had always piddled with music through the years but didn’t really get hooked until I moved to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Two very good friends, Joe Gilchrist the owner of the now world famous “Florabama”, and Ken Lambert singer/songwriter extrodinaire, are the reasons I do what I do today. I thank Joe for opening the door to one of the greatest music venues in the world to me, and Ken for inviting me up on stage to play along side of him. What an honor!!

After three years in Alabama I returned to Charleston to nuture my music, first playing with a country rock band and then doing a single act. This was while continuing my day job. I played at almost all the bars and restaurants that were having music at that time. Met my present wife of twenty five years and did a duo with her up to the present time. I have three CD’s to my credit. The first, “Times”, which I did with my wife, Adele Deas Tobin, the second, “Sack A Songs”, by myself, all originals except “Georgia”, and the latest in September 2012, “The Other Side Of The Horrizon” (14 originals). If you give a listen, I think you’ll find the influence of the “Ocean” in a lot of my songs.

Now in my “Golden Years”, I find myself being a very lucky person. I’m surrounded by wonderful talented friends, a beautiful understanding wife that allows me to kinda chase my dreams, and having a dream that is one of the most fulfilling things that a person could ask for.

I truly hope you enjoy my songs as much as I have had creating them!


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