Throckmorton, Sonny

sonny_throckmorton2Sonny Throckmorton From 1976 –1980 there were only three weeks when one of his songs was not on the charts, and several weeks he had as many as seven tunes at once. In 1964, Sonny moved to Music City, where he worked for several publishing companies, and during this time, he scored one big hit with “How Long Has It Been ” by Bobby Lewis. Success was elusive, however, and in 1975, he became so discouraged that he moved to Texas, but was lured back to Nashville by friends, this time from his old publisher, Tree. Sonny believes his success in country music is due to the influx of so many pop-oriented artists like the Eagles. Most of his songs are up-tempo, with a toe-tapping beat. After years of paying his dues, he is gaining the recognition he so richly deserves. In 1979 and 1980 he was voted Songwriter of the Year by the Nashville Songwriters Association International. All in all, Sonny has 15 number one country hits, “ I Feel Like Loving You Again ,” “I Wish I Was Eighteen Again ,” “ It’s A Cheatin’ Situation ,” “ Last Cheater’s Waltz ,” “Middle Aged Crazy ,” and “ Trying To Love Two Women”.


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