Sun, Joe

Inspired by artist Mickey Newbury, Joe Sun moved to Nashville in October of 1972. In 1978, Joe’s first record, “Old Flames (Can’t Hold A Candle To You)”, screamed to the top of Billboard’s chart and established Sun as a formidable newcomer in country music.
To date, Joe has released 17 albums and Cds, toured extensively in the US and Europe, has been featured on dozens of television shows, produced numerous albums for other friends and artists (two of them nominated for foreign Grammys), and acted in two Hollywood motion pictures ( “Marie, A True Story” – and “Framed”).  Joe’s latest project, the August 2013 release of a 27 song double Cd recorded live at Brown’s Diner in Nashville, Tennessee, is proof in the digital platter that Joe is in top form as a writer, vocalist, song stylist, and record producer.
Joe recently set down new roots in Merritt Island, FL.  Producing, performing, writing, and doing Graphic Design work, Sun is making new waves on the Cape Canaveral Music scene. 

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