Scrivenor, Gove

When looking for expressive and uncommon sounds, Dolly Parton, Neil Young, Dan Seals, Hank Williams, Jr., Iris Dement and Glen Campbell all turned to the evocative sound of Gove Scrivenor’s autoharp.

Gove appeared two consecutive years on PBS’s Austin City Limits with Doc Watson and The Amazing Rhythm Aces in the late 70’s and continues to tour nationwide.     A few songwriting credits include Dickie Lee’s “I Saw My Lady”( Billboard top 20)…Hank Williams Jr’s “Everything Comes Down to Money and Love”… Larry Jon Wilson’s “Good Time Lady”.

Gove has collaborated with Chuck Cannon, Don Schlitz , Dave Loggins and David Goodman to name a few but most of his songs are self penned including instrumentals with autoharp and acoustic guitar.

Recordings include:”Heavy Cowboy” (1969 TRX Records).. “Solid Gove“ (1979 Flying Fish Records)… “Shine On” (2002 Compass Records) and… “Made Of Sand” (2007) (No Age Records).

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