Sassafrass – Sassy Yew & Aye (Jo Billups & Karen Harvill)

Sassy Yew & Aye, an international songwriting duo; is a fresh breeze of music inspired from across the pond.

Jo Billups and Karen Harvill of Sassafrass reach back into their Celtic roots
writing music with Welsh, Scottish and Irish influence.
This collection of music celebrates true Irish history with a song about the legendary female pirate Grace O’ Malley and River of Fire about the worst disaster in Dublin when the whiskey warehouse burned down. Wind in the Gate is a beautiful song that featuring authentic Welsh phrases of love.
 Let’s go down to the Sea Again invites you for a walk by the Scottish Seaside
and Change takes you to the Clinking Stone where the locals say a duel was fought over a lassie. 
You can really feel the Celtic culture woven throughout the lyrics and the music.
Sassy Yew & Aye is receiving great reviews from radio play in England and their time honored harmonies are sure to please on any continent!
Sassy Yew & Aye was recorded at Admiral Bean studio with the incredibly talented Anthony Crawford who engineered and produced the cd.

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