Sassafrass (Jo Billups & Karen Harvill)

Sassafrass (Karen Harvill and Jo Billups) are Musical Activists~ an acoustic Green rock duo who’ve  forged a path and sound all their own. One of the best mostly-under-the- radar singer-songwriter acts in the eco activist music genre, their driving rhythms and sparkling harmonies give their original songs, from tongue-in-cheek  eco-comedy to hard-biting protest songs and heart-wrenching exposes about endangered animals, an unexpected dynamic presence. The duo are serious environmental educators/activists who’ve played for Greenpeace and WWF  in Copenhagen during COP 15, and for 350, Gulf Restoration Network,  One Sky at regional and local events …pushing the door open for ecological dialog.
Sassafrass has, as Yew & Aye, extended their music and writing to include Celtic originals that reflect on their Welsh and Scot ancestry.  Both have lived in Britain in the past.

  More Sassafrass Music and information is here.

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