Rogers, Katie


Katie Rogers has been working hard in the music industry over the last decade promoting and staying true to herself as an independent country artist.  Since her debut album “i get back up” made its mark across the east coast and the south and was being distributed both Nationally and Internationally on; she has been writing and working on material for her follow up album.
   Katie’s “i get back up” will stir your soul and inspire you to realize that you, too, can “get back up”. As a result of the response and feedback from her fans, Katie has now launched a national “how did you get back up” movement which gathers and shares the stories of how her fans were able to overcome adversity and find the inner strength to “get back up!”
   A regular on the Songwriters circuit, Katie has appeared at 30A Songwriters Festival, and Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Katie opened for “The Band Perry” for the 2011 Pensacola New Years Eve Pelican Drop, the Pensacola Seafood Festival and the Pensacola Crawfish Festival. She appears regularly in Nashville TN, and in areas all over South Carolina, Alabama, Florida and other Gulf Coast venues and events.
   Along with Katie’s current job as an independent promoter with Crowd Music (a new concept Record label/distribution company), in her spare time, Katie still follows her passion for design and works on some independent interior design projects after being a cast member on HGTV “interiors inc” back in January 2012.   Stay tuned to Katie’s career for more exciting news, show dates and music!

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