Reign (Ashley Nite and Cole Shugart)

Reign is an unique alternative band from Nashville, TN. What makes their strong presence even more amazing is the tremendous talent of the founding members developed at an age that astounds those who hear them.  Lead singer, Ashley Nite & guitarist, Cole Shugart, are both 16.  They’d been honing their musical magic with various bands for a couple of years before forming Reign in 2012. After a few band members trials, they found the right formula with their drummer, David Curtis, in 2013.

Reign has performed at a wide variety of venues ranging from world famous Puckett’s Grocery to larger local venues such as Rocketown and 3rd & Lindsley. They have also landed gigs such as Teen Hoot Fest, Evolution Music Tour, Rally Rumble and other shows and festivals around the legendary and highly competitive Music City.



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