Loper, Brent

Some music artists will tell you that they chose music at an early age. However, this was not the case for Brent Loper. “I didn’t choose music, but rather it was a gift that I was chosen for it to be given to; and subsequently it chose me” Brent says. This gift of music has literally taken Brent all over the world, touching the hearts and lives of all who hear his passionate voice and heart felt lyrics. Brent is an accomplished songwriter who has written a myriad of compilations. He has also toured as a professional musician with many regional and national acts, including famed country music duo Joey and Rory. In addition to his musical abilities, Brent is an actor that has appeared on commercials, television shows, and major motion films. But the heart and essence of who Brent really is, is that of an artist. “My goal as an artist is to be an effective communicator through lyric and melody. I know I’ve done my job when someone comes to me and says ‘Thank you for that song. I’ve been there or I’ve felt or seen that in my own personal life’. I want the listener to walk away from my show having been motivated, inspired, and having had a true musical experience”.
When you see and hear Brent, you will see a real, raw, authentic, passion for this gift of music that he has been entrusted with. Brent recently recorded his first studio album with famed producer Steve Dorff which is set for release in early 2018.

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