Hunter, Cass

Creator of songs and Touch of Cass Custom Leatherworks. Cass has shared the stage with Marty Stuart, LeRoy Parnell, George Jones, Ricky Skaggs and many of her songwriting heroes. Songwriting credits include “Graveyard Full of Hearts,”(co-written w/artist, Matt Miller), Moses Rangel’s “Four Feet,”(C. Hunter/Rick Tiger), and “Thinkin’ You Could be Mine,” (C. Hunter/M.Kerr), Whisper Whitlock’s “Breakin’ Hearts & Curfews,” (C.Hunter/S.Gasaway/W.Whitlock) and Blue Mariah Band’s “When I Catch My Breath.” (C.Hunter/M.Kerr/D.Knutson). Nashville-based singer/songwriter, attending the FBISF for her 19th year-in-a-row, says that a long-anticipated new album project is in the works!


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