Handley, Ted

Ted Handley, AKA Tumbleweed Ted, Was born in Pensacola, and now resides in South Carolina. His claim to fame, or infamy, comes from his song,”Save The Bales,(Talking Square Grouper Blues)”. ‘Save The Bales’ has been recorded by several artists, including Local entertainers, J. Hawkins, and David Johnson. Also, it was released nationally, in 2002, by Laughing Hyena Records, on and album appropriately named, ‘Refer Man’.
Ted has been a working Musician/Entertainer for most of his adult life. He has shared the stage and opened shows for John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Lewis, Townes Van Zandt, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Butler, Ken Lambert, Finger’s Taylor, and more.
Ted loves to play music and entertain, That’s why, when you see him play, He’ll probably be smiling.


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