Griego, Danny

MrLynThe roads leading to the entertainment industry witness many Artists & Songwriters. Only a scant few combine those travels with the level of craftsmanship acquired firsthand from the masters of Country Music.

Having penned songs recorded by such artists as Waylon Jennings, Billy Joe Shaver and Michael Martin Murphey, Griego has built his real life experiences into his trade. Some 10 years after Griego established himself on the exclusive songwriting scene in Nashville, writing with country songwriting Hall of Famers like Hank Cochran, Red Lane and Max D. Barnes, this Arizona bred, Texas based Troubadour is finally getting his due as a solo artist. He brings a deep rooted Southwestern ancestry and over 3,000 live gigs, called ‘payin your dues, across the U.S. to his multi-faceted debut album whose autobiographical title speaks the truth about Griego, his life and his music: Cowboys, Outlaws & Border Town Dogs. 2014-16 has proved to be milestone years with several television appearances, Griego hit the top 30 Billboard and Media Base charts with his single “The Coast is Clear”, also breaking into the top 10 on the Billboard hot sales charts.

Not surprisingly, considering Griego’s diverse blend of styles including Outlaw Country, Americana, Mainstream Country and Latin music, key tracks received major airplay before the official release of the album; which features seven songs written or co-written by Griego. From college grad to horseman, and outdoorsman to businessman, Griego has lived his musical fire.

Cutting his trail along side time tested traditional Recording Artists like Marty Robbins, Danny’s sound includes a unique mix of Spanish and English. His heritage, including a family legacy that founded El Paso in 1598 and colonized Santa Fe in 1610, lends a rich authenticity to him. Industry insiders consider his traditional country with Spanish flare something quite unique and use words to describe him like ‘real’, ‘straight’ and ‘grounded.’
There are good works coming down the road from this Hombre…  


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