Frank Brown’s “In-Schools Outreach Program”

Designed to benefit the youth in the surrounding community, The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, along with the Frank Brown Foundation for Music, has developed an In-Schools Outreach and has been offering this program to area schools from Pensacola, FL to Bon Secour, AL, free of charge, for over 10 years. 
The In-Schools Outreach is a multi-faceted and unique educational experience which introduces students to the wonders of songwriting and serves as a path to creative self expression. Professional songwriters are brought in to speak to students of all ages, combining performance with an interactive approach and utilizes a variety of skill building techniques. During the question and answer segment students can ask about the process of songwriting and the speaker will also address the various aspects of songwriting as a career. Statistics show that programs such as this can benefit students in developing self confidence and self esteem as well as, over all communication skills, plus engages and improves Mathematics, English and vocabulary skills 
Through the success of this program, a new 'Writer In Residence' curriculum based format has been developed as well. Instructors work with students on their own compositions in an effort to recognize as many students as possible and to encourage them to continue to write as a path to communication, creativity and greater cognitive skills. The extended 'Writer in Residence' program also includes instruction on basic digital music recording, engineering, editing and mixing. Today's world of technologically driven education necessitates 21st-century skill building including critical thinking and collaboration and this program is a fun way for students to learn and develop these proficiencies. 
Per the program Director, Karen E. Reynolds: “Our goal is for the student’s excitement in songwriting and writing, in general, to carry on beyond the presentation and allow them to build skills that will benefit them far beyond the class room. We make every effort to coincide the program with ongoing curriculum and to schedule the presentations so they are unobtrusive to regular class times, while still providing an interesting and educational experience for the students.”
The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival is committed to building a platform for youth interested in creative self-expression. Interested teachers, as well as, music directors are welcome to contact the program Director at for information and scheduling. We also welcome sponsors interested in helping with the effort to continue offering this program, without cost, to the schools or students. 


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About the Program's Director

In-Schools Outreach Director, Karen E. Reynolds, is an award winning singer songwriter with national credits to her name and has been a featured performer in the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival for the past 15 years. Over that period she has dedicated herself to building and sculpting this program. Due to her extensive background as a respected music industry consultant and having taught workshops and music educational courses for a variety of universities and music conferences or organizations, she is as proficient in the class room as she is onstage. 
The Frank Brown Foundation Board of Directors, voted Karen into this position with the fullest confidence that she is a leader with experience and passion for this program and will continue to be an excellent steward of the Foundation's mission to provide this community service. Per FBISF Board Member, Gary Rogers, "The board is excited to have Karen serve as the Director for this important extention of the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival. Her leadership and experience are fundamental to the growth and integrity of the program, as well as, in fostering critical community support and partners who share and fully realize the Frank Brown Foundations's vision to provide opportunty to area youth."
As a songwriter, Karen signed her first publishing agreement in 2007 which brought attention from both independent and major labels. Along with being a recording artist, Karen regularly writes with nationally recognized artists and songwriters, and has chalked up a respectable list of independent cuts as well as, major label holds, including the likes of Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson. Karen currently enjoys a variety of publishing arrangements, including managing her own publishing company. As a recording artist, Karen has 4 independently produced albums on the market and she receives airplay nationwide and on over 400 radio stations abroad.