Eady, Jason

On his last two albums, Jason Eady earned major acclaim for ahead-of-the-curve take on classic country, a bold departure from his earlier excursions into blues-infused Americana.  Now with his sixth album, the Mississippi-bred singer/guitarist merges his distinct sensibilities into a stripped-down, roots-oriented sound that starkly showcases the gritty elegance of his songwriting.


Longtime collaborators, Eady and producer Kevin Welch worked closely in crafting the album’s acoustic-driven yet lushly textured aesthetic.  “At the beginning, I told everyone I wanted to  make arcord where, if the power went out, we could still sit down and play all the songs the exact same way,” says Eady, who points out that steel guitar is the only electric instrument featured on the album.


For Eady –who names Merle Haggard, Guy Clark, and Willie Nelson amount his main inspirations –instilling each song with so much graceful honesty proved to be his greatest achievement and thrill in creating the new album.  “When you first get started making music, your ideas are grandiose and more about the big picture.  But the longer I’ve done this, the more I’ve realized that the real joy comes from the process rather than the end goal,” he says.  “Now it’s about getting better and finding more of myself with every album.  So instead of writing what I think people want to hear, I’m writing what I want to write and trusting that –as long as it’s coming from an honest place—it’ll hopefully mean something to the people listening”.


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