Taylor, Christina

Christina Taylor first understood the power of music when she saw the shocked and disturbed look on her Dads face as he walked in on her listening to her Aunt’s cd, “Beautiful People,” by Marilyn Manson at the tender age of four.  After that, it was Shania Twain and Destiny’s Child in the mini-van on […]

Van Hoy, Rafe

Rafe Van Hoy began his music career as a songwriter, landing his first publishing contract at 17. In the next 7 years he would become one of Nashville’s hottest songwriters with 10 number one songs and as many top 10 singles, along with nearly 200 cuts by other artists. In one three- year period he […]

Webb, James Robert

Not only is James Robert Webb a performer and songwriter, he is a partner at Banner Music. James lives in Tulsa and commutes to Nashville to connect with other songwriters. When he isn’t in Nashville or Tulsa, he is on the road performing and promoting his music.