Nite, Jon

Jon Nite is a singer/songwriter from Amarillo, Texas with southern soulful delivery.   He has written radio a handful of hits including 3 number one platinum singles on US Billboard.    In 2008, Jon signed his first deal with Zavitson Music Group. In 2010, Jon signed to EMI music which was later acquired by his writing […]

Nix, Davis

Davis Nix was born and raised in Montgomery, AL. He has been writing songs for the past 10 years. His songs have been cut by artists such as River Dan, Boyd Causey, Wilson, and many more. Davis currently resides in Nashville, TN. where he spends most of his time writing and working with artists. 

Norris, David

David Norris has been in the music business for over 30 years, doing live sound for arena acts, producing records, writing songs and composing music & was Grammy nominated in five categories for his production of “Just The Same” by Rick Monroe. Also an award winning video game composer for Midway (makers of pacman) and […]

Northrup, John

John Northrup hails originally from Toppenish, WA on the Yakima Indian Reservation. He grew up in a large family with seven brothers and four sisters but was the only one in his family who was musical.  He recalls saving up all his lawn mowing money, at just nine years old, to buy Merle Haggard’s first record which he had […]

Reign (Ashley Nite and Cole Shugart)

Reign is an unique alternative band from Nashville, TN. What makes their strong presence even more amazing is the tremendous talent of the founding members developed at an age that astounds those who hear them.  Lead singer, Ashley Nite & guitarist, Cole Shugart, are both 16.  They’d been honing their musical magic with various bands […]