Burns, Brent

brent burnsBrent Burns has become the poet laureate of the beach. In 2008, Burns won three awards in the first ever Trop Rock Music Awards including “Entertainer of the Year,” “CD of the Year (for “Ragtops and Flip Flops”)” and a special WAVE award for his charitable work. 2010 and 2011 brought more Trop Rock Music awards, CD and Song of the Year for “I’ve Got A Beach in My Backyard” and Songwriter of the Year for 2010 and Songwriter and Entertainer of the Year in 2011. Besides his Top 40 hit, “Cheaper Crude or No More Food,” Burns has had five other nationally charted records.

A twice wounded, Purple Heart winning combat veteran, Burns also has the distinction of being the first American entertainer to perform for troops overseas after the tragedy of September 11, 2001.


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