Brook, Tony

The critically acclaimed singer songwriter/performer, Tony Brook, has been busy as usual. Chris Bushey of Flying Pig Records, has just finished the mix for Tony’s latest release. “Tony Brook Live from the 280 Boogie”. This will be the first ever live release from one of Alabama’s great musical experiences, the 280 Boogie Festival in Waverly, Alabama, and was captured live by Bushey. This latest release will be available in the Fall of 2014. Tony was accompanied by Evan Maddox on bass and Drew Kilpatrick on drums. On top of that, Tony has been writting songs for a new studio album and touring steadily throughout the world. Tony will be on his 7th tour of the United Kingdom in September of 2014. Tony always enjoys stopping in at BBC Norfolk’s “The Stephen Bumfreys Show” and Epic Studios in Norwich. Tony  has had cuts by Wayne Mills, Billy Earl McClelland, Will Dooley, Robert Lee, Lisa Baldwin, and Joe Write to name a few.  

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