Blue Mother Tupelo (Ricky and Micol Davis)


Ricky & Micol Davis – Songwriters

Ricky & Micol Davis are a soulful husband-and-wife songwriting team who perform and record as Blue Mother Tupelo. The music they create is full of paint-peeled, timeworn truth that shines with driving melodies and sweet, southern tones. Between their tight harmonies and authentically spun lyrics, the Davis’ take listeners down dirt roads to swamp land…to places draped in lace, covered in burlap, bathed in sunlight or shadowed by night. It’s Americana roots music that’s as ready for radio as it is for next Friday’s barn dance.

Both Ricky and Micol came by their musical inclinations honestly. Micol, a preacher’s daughter, polished her natural talents as vocalist, pianist and writer in church choirs and the like. Eventually she earned her degree in music from the University of Tennessee and set out to make a living making music.

Ricky’s musical family roots set him on the path at a young age. Inspired by rootsy family jam sessions, he was drumming and strumming by age 7 and playing in just about every kind of band imaginable (marching, concert, jazz, cover) by his teen years. He earned his degree in Recording Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State University and his stripes by forming and playing in a handful of working bands.

Ricky and Micol met in the vibrant music scene in Knoxville, Tennessee. A shared love of music proved to run much deeper; the pair married in 1994 and formed Blue Mother Tupelo a year later. They’ve been making beautiful music together ever since.

Blue Mother Tupelo’s sound is a  Southern Soul stew with Universal appeal – Mississippi stomp, earthy funk, bittersweet melancholy, sunny soul-rock, Appalachian attitude.

Ricky Davis is endorsed by & endorses National Res-O-Phonic Guitars, GHS Strings, and plays Martin Guitars. 


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