Barnette, Marc-Alan


Marc-Alan Barnette, or “MAB” as he is called, has had a long, interesting career. Starting out as a singer out of Birmingham, at 14, he has been in bands, winning major contests, to a Nashville artist and writer. With his explosive “In Your Face Country Soul” performing style, he established his bonafides as a monster performer. With cuts by Shelby Lynne (THAT’S WHERE IT HURTS) David Ball (TOO MUCH BLOOD IN MY ALCOHOL LEVEL), John Berry, (RESCUED ME)and his own theme song,  

“TABLES AND CHAIRS”  he established his “street Credibility.

As a teacher and mentor he has done hundreds of workshops, corporate events, and written thousands of songs with thousands of people world-wide. His teaching methods have assisted hit artists like WARNER BROTHERS FRANKIE BALLARD, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT ALICIA MICHILLI, and THE VOICE’S MEGAN LINDSEY. He owns “MARC-ALAN BARNETTE’S SONGWRITER AND ARTIST TOURS OF NASHVILLE, where he shows artists and writers the ROPES of Nashville and the business. His theme Is “YOU DON’T CHOOSE MUSIC, MUSIC CHOOSES YOU.” Th8s year he is presenting his new CD, tbhe “R&B laced, “A LIFE WELL LIVED.”  


About MAB has been said “It is not necessary to know EVERYBODY in Nashville. It is only necessary to know ONE PERSON WHO KNOWS EVERYBODY IN NASHVILLE. That person is MARC-ALAN BARNETTE”.


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